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Super Fast V.92 56k PCI Bus Lucent Chipset Faxmodem, G3 Fax Mode, V.42 bis / MNP 5 data compression ... upstream performance facilitate bi-directional high speed communication. Modem on hold. No missing your calls while you are online browsing.
$ 12.50
Phoebe 56K Lunar V.92 Express Data/Fax PCI Internal Modem w/ Voice Mail, Retail box The Phoebe Lunar V.92 Express 56K PCI Data /Fax/Voice Internal Modem, accept calls while online, shorten your connection times. Uses Hardware-based digital signal processing.
$ 16.99
56K V.92/V.44 Data/Fax Modems feature fast speeds. Added convenience. Connect Faster: reduces the start-up for HTML pages. Internet Call-Waiting: V.92 standard features Modem-on-Hold, allowing you to receive a incoming call and stay connected
$ 41
Diamond Supra V.90
$ 29
ADS 100l ADSL Modem
$ 149
Creative Labs 56K V.90
$ 99